Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Water Monday

Doesn't have a nice ring to it like Water Wednesday but, I mean, it was Monday. And we played in the water all day. Give me a break! Some things I just can't help.

Yesterday morning Kingston had his 18 month check-up. We went to see Nurse Karen and the doctor and discovered that Kingston is 32 inches tall and weighs 22.8 lbs. I thought for sure he would weigh a lot more than that but I think his running and busy-body activities have kept the weight off! He met all of the important 18 month milestones and was deemed a very healthy and happy big boy! Nurse Karen gave him 2 shots (not as traumatic as it could be) and we were on our way.

And our way lead us to the sound beach behind Jockey's Ridge. We played there for about 2 hours. Since the water had a bit of a chop to it and it wasn't as clear as it was last time we were there, Kingston had more fun digging holes and filling them with water in the shoreline than walking out in the water.

When the eye rubbing and other tired signs started to show we headed home. Kingston had a 2 hour nap and when he woke up he was good as new. So we headed off to Southern Shores to swim at my friend Sherry's parent's pool. We played with Will, Sherry, Helen and G and Ninna and had a great time! Sherry took some pictures of Helen and Kingston kicking on the stairs.

There were a few battles over who could play with what toy and Helen really wanted to "help" Kingston into the pool with a small shove but all of that is to be expected! They had fun and by the time we left, Kingston was blowing bubbles in the water, kicking his legs and wanting to swim in the deep end!
Back to the real world today. If I can just get Kingston to finish his breakfast. . .


Rendy said...

Looks like a fun Monday...sorry you have to move to the regular Tuesday but just think...tomorrow is Wednesday and it will bring more adventure!

Lee said...

Great that both Helen and Kingston seem to be at home in the water.
Guess how many times I've worn my bathing suit so far this summer? Zero!