Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dare Day and Sunday

Yesterday was Dare Day in Manteo. For those of you who are not familiar, Dare Day is a local festival celebrated on the first Saturday in June every year. There are arts, crafts and lot of crap (figuratively, not literally, of course) for sale, as well as dirty carnival food such as funnel cakes, gyros and hand cut fries. Oh, and homemade ice cream. Yum. Kingston isn't old enough for the blown up bouncy things, but they are there, as well as live entertainment and various Lost Colony characters wandering around.

Speaking of characters, if you are much of a people watcher, you would be in heaven at Dare Day. There are cute little families, not-so-cute, not-so-little families, really old people (with or without their teeth), babies that must have come straight from the hospital after being born, scantily clad women-and men, rednecks, priss-pots, well, you get the picture. This year I saw a ton of friends and a few people I hadn't seen in a long time. I saw some people from a distance and never got the chance to speak to them live and in person but I did get to speak to their mother and child. Eden. And I even saw someone that I had never actually seen live and in person before but know way more about their life than I really should. Nate. I could have sat in one spot and just watched people all day long. But I had a small child to look after.

Who am I kidding? I could have handed Kingston over to Nana and sat in one place all day and no one would have needed me at all! Instead we all played together all day and had a blast.

Kingston put on his own little show for some folks under the tent. He was dancing to the music and swinging around the tent pole.

Grandpa and Aunt Freda were trying to convince Kingston of something but he doesn't seem to be buying it. (And no, that isn't Nana, it is Nana's not-twin sister.)

And speaking of buying it, I was NOT buying Kingston the inflatable SpongeBob SquarePants that he couldn't keep his eyes off of.

What a waste of money. That guy must have made a killing at Dare Day. Every kid I saw had an inflatable something. Dora the Explorer, Spiderman, SpongeBob, Patrick the starfish. Crap. I refused. . .

But Grandpa didn't. When we got back to Nana and Grandpa's boat (docked right in the middle of the festivities-so fun!) Kingston discovered that Grandpa had made a big purchase. Silly Grandpa. But the kid really did love the inflatable SpongeBob. He has made his home on the boat permanently, since I refused to bring him home with us!

As Mr. Crawford said, what good is a toy if you can't climb on it?!

And speaking of Mr. Crawford, here he is with Grandpa and Aunt Freda as Kingston and I cheese it up for Nana.

Uh, Nana, I think the photo opportunity is over now. RIGHT NOW.

Good, clean fun at Dare Day. Thanks for the hospitality Nana and Grandpa. And thanks, Nana, for sending the pictures since I forgot my camera.
Now I must go rest. I had a big day in the yard. I will definitely be sore tomorrow since it's been a long time since I have gotten blisters on my hand from a shovel. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and see my freshly planted flower boxes and my freshly weeded, mulched and edged flower beds. Looks pretty spiffy, I must say. But I hurt. At least I probably burned a few of the calories from the chocolate donuts that I ate for breakfast this morning. Oops. . .


Rendy said...

Dare Day was really fun thanks to you and Kingston. Sponge Bob has a place of honor on the boat and it seems very appropriate for him to be ON the sea rather than UNDER the sea! Come visit any time! Can't wait to see your yard...and your blisters...yikes!

Eden said...

How did we not see each other?!?! Mom was so funny- she saw someone I guess she thought was Nigel. And she's telling me how she saw Kingston's dad..."oh look, there he is" I was like, "Um, mom...the man driving the choo-choo-train is NOT Kingston's Dad!!!" She was mortified. Apparently she'd really been paling around with him b/c she thought she knew him. Whoops.