Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beach, Biting and Bad Backs

Nigel's back is slowly getting better. Thanks for asking. He went to a quackropractor chiropractor today to see if he could offer any relief and this evening Nigel was well enough to do some dishes! I DO believe! Seriously, his back is loosening up and he is feeling much better.

Kingston got in trouble at Ms. Cindy's today. He bit a little girl on the hand because she leaned against the chair he was leaning on. Ms. Cindy jokingly said this particular little girl often deserves such a reaction but this time she really didn't do anything! She gave Kingston a very strong warning and said next time it happens he will go straight to Time Out. He bit me tonight when I told him not to grab something off of the counter and I put him in Time Out. It took a few tries of firmly placing him on his Time Out chair before he took me seriously. By the time I went back to get him he sure did look sorry and sweet! All was forgiven for now. Rumor has it Kingston's dad was quite the biter when he was a wee tot. Biting just may be hereditary, I think, and Kingston surely didn't get it from me (insert angelic smile here).

Sunday (before the tragic back injury) we played at the beach with Pappy and Ms. Brandi. Kingston has gotten over his obsession with running straight for the water and now likes to play in the sand and in buckets of water. He still likes to play in the surf but will hold your hand and doesn't have to spend every minute there. Pappy decided to take Kingston out in the water on his orange raft. Kingston wore his swimmies on his arms. I was casually taking pictures and later realized I had pictures before, during and after the wipeout that took Kingston off the raft. Good times.
Kingston took the wipeout. He should have the backache. Give him 30 more years. By then everything will cause a backache!


Rendy said...

Okay...I'm really glad that Nigel is better....I'm sad that Kingston is biting..and I'm thinking that Pappy needs to be a little more protective when he is in charge of Kingston in the water. Now you know where where I stand!

Lee said...

Yikes! Scary wipeout.