Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Gazillion Degrees

What do you do when it is a gazillion degrees (sorry for the use of such a technical term) outside with a heat index of 20 degrees above a gazillion? Well, first you play at Nana's house.

Ever see a man (well, a boy) read the instructions? Kingston is a very special boy. He is not like the rest of them!

And when did that same little boy turn into a teenager?! He looks about 14 here!

After a nap in the car. . .

. . . you wake up at the aquarium.

We were pretty pleased with our day. The aquarium was a big hit. Nana and I enjoyed it just as much as Kingston did!


Rendy said...

Yes we did enjoy it! It was a very fun day for Nana and hopefully for you and Kingston too. Wish work didn't interfere with more of these fun days...

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Kingston reading the directions! :) But I love all of the pictures of Kingston and the ones of Dad too in the bathroom! :) Oh, did I say that! :) Enjoy the rest of the summer days with Nana Rendy!