Friday, August 14, 2009

Poo? No, Pooh!

The swim diapers Kingston wears to the beach and to the pool have either Nemo or Pooh on the front. Kingston has just recently noticed the two characters, and he is definitely more interested in Pooh than Nemo. Somehow he has come to quickly identify Pooh whenever he sees him.

It makes for interesting conversation.

"Kingston, please pick up your Pooh diaper off the floor."

"No, Kingston, you don't need to wear that Pooh diaper right now."

And my most recent favorite, "That's right, Kingston. Those diapers do have Pooh on them."

Sometimes if you could hear our conversations without actually seeing what was going on, you would probably be really confused, and/or extremely humored.

Oh, Pooh!

1 comment:

Rendy said...

I think the confusion is cleared up by the "content" of the diaper...right? Pooh not poo...