Monday, August 31, 2009

Mr. Breadman

My good friend Julie (aka Ball) gets really excited over seeing famous, nearly famous, and not-so-famous people. There was a restaurant in Chapel Hill called Breadman's (I'm salivating while writing this) that we would frequent. We may or may not have been hungover a good portion of the times we went there. I cannot be certain. Anyway, Ball would get super excited when she would see the owner (affectionately referred to as Mr. Breadman-I'm pretty sure that wasn't even his name) working in the restaurant. He was sort of a local celebrity, at least in our book.

My point? I had a Ball moment the other night while working a catering for High Cotton. Since lots of travelling is on the books for Nigel and I in the next few weeks, I wanted to work a little extra to make some extra cash. I catered the wedding of a girl that I have known for a few years and I would guess I knew 89% of the guests at the reception. The first guest that arrived immediately caught my eye as he help an elderly lady out of a golf cart. I knew him. Well, maybe not personally but I definitely recognized him. Tyler Hansbrough. You follow Carolina basketball? Of course you do. My blog readers have extremely good taste! I tried to get a picture of him discretely with my cell phone while texting all of my Carolina friends about my good fortune but none of those pictures came out. I did have my camera with me and did get one of him in the distance sitting with his girlfriend's family. He is the one in the blue shirt, just in case I need to spell it out! His girlfriend is a local girl and was a bridesmaid in the wedding.

I also snapped one of him going through the buffet line. Greg was just as excited about seeing him as I was. Can you tell? Tyler liked the food. He came back for seconds. I mean, not that I was stalking him or anything.

Proof! I was totally excited about my sighting and even dreamed about it that night! I'm over it now but, man! It was almost as good as seeing Mr. Breadman bussing some tables!


Rendy said... have to remember that not very many famous folks are spotted at a wedding in a horse pasture in Kitty Hawk...but you did it! Probably not everyone at the wedding recognized Tyler either. You are on it as usual!


FUNNY! I only got pics of the back of his head when he came into the restaurant where I was pulling a shift here and there on Colington know the one that has changed names and owners like fifty times in the last few years...okay...maybe just 49 times!