Saturday, May 31, 2008

Go See It!

If were a fan of Sex and the City, you HAVE to go see the movie. Loved it! When it was over, I told Nicole that I could have watched it all night long. I wish it had never ended. So much fun to see a movie that you really just enjoy and don't really have to think too much about.

Strangely enough, though, it made me think about my life. Oh, sure, I was totally jealous of the size, shape and money of the girls on the big screen. They sure do have style-some of it way to out there for me, but so fun anyway. But in watching the various relationships and how they played out, it made me think about my own. I love my husband and don't tell him nearly enough. Of course we have our "things" that get on each other's nerves-(I actually listed about 3 things under this category, then erased them. You never know who reads these things!!!). But more times than not, I love my life with Nigel.

I like to make wishes on silly things. Mostly when the clock reads the same number all the way across like 3:33. Or when it is 4 consecutive numbers- 12:34. I don't really know why. Just always have done it. So I've always wished for the same thing every time, until that wish came true and then I moved on. I've done this for 3 wishes and now and they have all come true. First-"I wish I would find the man I am going to marry." Done. Second "I wish Nigel and I would get married." Done. Third, much further down the road, "I wish we would have a baby." Done. So what do you wish for when you have everything you wish for? Now I've moved on to wishing for silly and materialistic things. I mean, why not? "I wish we would win the lottery and never have to work again." It's worth a shot!

So go see Sex and the City and enjoy a night out with the girls. It will make you relax and take your mind off things, but maybe make you think a little, too. LOVE THOSE GIRLS!

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