Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm Too Old For This. . . But it Sure Was Fun!

Last night I did the unthinkable-I went out. And by "out" I mean was in a bar after 10 p.m. I went to dinner with Nicole and Kelly, who was in town from California. I had a mojito a dinner (mmmmmmmm! My first liquor drink in well over a year!) and a beer after. Then we went to Chilli Peppers where we saw a couple of girls that have been around (quite literally!) for a while. They are pretty young-I think maybe mid-twenties, maybe younger-and both have 2 kids. Yep. 2 kids. One of them was bragging about the fact that her Man had called up to the bar and gave her $100 bar tab that she seemed pretty far into. The part she was so proud of was that her Man was at home watching her (not his) 3 year old little girl and their 2 week old son. So she was at the bar, drunk, and getting drunker, with a 2 week old baby at home. Cool. The girl she was with once dressed in baggy sweatshirts and pants until she had a baby and then decided she was a hot number and started dressing like a tramp. She was always dancing on stage at the bars and entering bikini contests and kissing other girls for show. Well, now she is fat. Now, don't get me wrong. I have no room to talk about being overweight, and I would never say anything about this girl if I hadn't known what she was like before, but it kinda cracks me up that the girl who once thought she was the hottest thing out there has become very below average. Basically, what goes around comes around! Some people get what they deserve.
So anyway. . . From Chili Peppers we went to Lucky 12. I don't think I have ever gone out at home and known absolutely NO ONE in the whole bar. Well, it happened last night. Everyone there was college aged and so silly! I was totally entertained by the really young girls shakin their money-makers on the dance floor! I couldn't stop staring at the drunk college girls and guys pretty much getting it on right in front of me. One girl definitely thought she was on So You Think You Can Dance. She really wanted to be "licked like a lollypop" or however that song goes. Hilarious! There were some really short dresses (or long shirts with shorts so short underneath that it looked like a really short dress). I loved it. I think I had a huge smile on my face the whole time-and if you know me, you know that doesn't happen much!

Basically all of this to say that I am too old to be talking junk about some silly girls but it sure does make me feel a little younger!! So I'll keep at it. Call me if you want to go out and people watch some time!!

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Eden said...

Ok so forget coffee when I'm in and you are going out for a drink!!

& I know exactly who you are talking about, I think...good ole OBX. hahahahaha

Call ya in a few days when I get back to town :)