Monday, May 5, 2008


1. Still no bathing suit. I am waiting for a few things-a paycheck (next week), time without Kingston (could only make the process more frustrating if he is not in the shopping mood), and courage. I don't want to see what I saw last time. Ewww.

2. Kingston is napping like a champ! The last 2 days he has napped for over 2 hours at one time in the afternoon! I wish I could take credit for it but it seems he is just doing it on his own. Either way, I'll take it! He is such a good boy.

3. This morning, in addition to the boob milk that he ate, Kingston had a 6 oz. bottle before we left for work. This is the most I have ever fed him from a bottle at one time. He was sort of oozing milk out of his mouth but finished the bottle! He lasted 4 hours before he was ready to eat again-that is definitely a daytime record. AND for the last 3 days he has had sweet potatoes and rice cereal for dinner until I think he is going to pop! Wow, what a diaper I changed this morning. Let's just say he worked for most of the day in nothing but a diaper until Dad came with a change of clothes. (Oops. Mom was unprepared!) I'm sure he is gaining weight. I think I might go get him weighed at the Dr's office in a week or 2, just to check.

That's the update for now. Might have some good stuff tomorrow when Robyn (M-I-L) watches Kingston for the first time. Hmmmm. Things could get interesting.

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