Thursday, May 22, 2008

My First Rant. Grrrrrr.

I don't usually have a whole lot to rant about. I pretty much take things as they come and let most things roll right off. Can't do it this time.

Why do people open their mouths and say really stupid things? About their friends?

Nigel is in Wilmington on work. He is hanging out with a lot of friends, old and new. Our friend Martin had become almost totally deaf in the last year or so. They are having a benefit at Red Dogs tonight to raise money for him to have surgery on his ears in an attempt to help him hear at least a little better. So Nigel ran into a friend who proceded to tell him that one of Nigel's best high school buddies told him that no one really understands why Nigel named his son what he did. Huh?

Here are my issues with this comment. First, why did Jamie (oops, did I say his name?) tell the Goat (oops again, but at least it's a nickname) that he didn't understand? Do we have to have an explanation for what we named our son? Do we not have the right to name him anything we want to? And, p.s., we do have a reason-a few of them in fact, thank you very much. Second, why did the Goat think he needed to tell Nigel what Jamie said? I mean, if Jamie doesn't like Kingston's name, does Nigel really need to know that? Some things are just better left unsaid. Finally, don't people realize that if you ever thought you knew what feeling defensive was like, try having a baby? I will defend my child until I die. I don't want to hear anyone say anything negative about him. Especially when he is but 5 months old. So give the kid a break. WE liked the name so WE named him Kingston.

"KINGSTON" is a name found in name books. KING is my maiden name. My dad's name is WinSTON. Nigel has been to the Jamaican town of KINGSTON on a surf trip with my brother.

Does anyone else want to ask why we named our precious little boy Kingston? Does it really matter? I know not everyone likes the name, but is there a name on this planet that everyone likes? I didn't think so.

Some people need to keep their mouths shut.


Missy said...

It's a shame when people don't know when to keep their thoughts to themselves.

By the way, I happen to LOVE Kingston's name. It's very original and it's obvious you and Nigel put thought into the name.

Nancy said...

And these people call themselves your friends. As soon as I heard his name was Kingston, I knew 2 of the meanings behind it right away. I love that there is a true meaning behind his name. But try to remember that sometimes we speak before we think.