Saturday, May 17, 2008

Poor Baby

My poor little baby has a snotty nose. Can you imagine having a snotty nose and not know how to wipe it or blow it or otherwise try to relieve your congestion? And you have this annoying mom who is forever trying to wipe your face with anything she can get her hands on after you sneeze and snot comes flying out of both nostrils. She tries a napkin, a scratchy paper towel, a burp cloth, a wash cloth, her finger. None of it is good.

I can already tell that Kingston is going to be the kid that has to be chased down to have his nose blown or face wiped off. He HATES it. We already battle and he is only 5 months old! He may end up being the kid that always has stuff crusted to his face!!

So I just put Kingston to bed, and after doing work with the snot-taker-outer (or nose bulb or suction thing or whatever you want to call it) he has settled in. I have a video monitor that I use when he is sleeping and it is so cute to see him with his little mouth puckered open so that he can breathe. He is usually a nose-breather but I guess it is too stuffy. His little mouth is opened into a little "O" as he breathes.

I have always said if he's breathing, he's cute. . . Pretty much.

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