Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Face

This is the face of a kid hanging with my cousin, (his second cousin? I can never figure out how that works) Jason on Saturday. Jason was showing him the camera on his laptop and taking silly pictures.

This is the face of a sick little boy who spent his day with Nana and loved every minute of it! I think he is feeling slightly better but I think it comes and goes. His throat is obviously very sore-he doesn't like to swallow and is drooling in huge puddles and he grimaces and whimpers when he drinks and eats. Poor fellow. We are going to see how he feels in the morning and he will go to day care if he is looking up to it. If not he will spend another day with Nana.

Oh, and I think the ice cream is working for me. We slept like a dream last night!


Rendy said...

Be sure that Kingston gets some of that ice is good for what ails you! Hope he is feeling much better tomorrow....Nana is available for any plan!

Lee said...

Poor Kingston! I hope he feels better very soon.