Wednesday, June 24, 2009

all Right!

all right, already. Before we take care of business, let me share a little story about Kingston taking care of business.

Picture it. Sicily, 1942. Just kidding. Ever watch the Golden Girls? Anywho. . .

Picture it. Kingston in the tub. In the "shallow end". Legs spread wide. Looking down. He starts to pee. It arcs out of the water. Kingston looks at me with his big baby blues. He grins. He looks back down, still grinning. He stops peeing. Looks at me again. Says, "Mo-mo-mo", meaning more, more, more, of course. His first life lesson. Some things, son, Mama just can't help you with.


Now for the business at hand. I'd like to thank the 2 people who participated in my little guessing game contest. Did you think I was kidding when I said I had a prize to give? Did you just really not have a clue as to where we were and didn't even want to come up with an impossible suggestion such as Tavern on the Green and some private Island in Fiji? I would never kid about a prize. Someone will get the prize.

What's the prize? Well here it is:

Free laundry detergent!!! And not just any free laundry. The best out there, in my book. all small & mighty is super concentrated and my favorite version is the Free Clear, which has no dyes or perfumes. I refuse to ever buy the special baby detergent, and have always just used this for 1/4 of the price with the same or better results. Another reason I love all small & mighty? I don't have to lug a gigantic bottle of liquid detergent out of the grocery store along with my 5 gallon bottle of water, a soft drink or 2, gallon of milk and gallon of orange juice. I simply hate to unload lots of big, heavy liquids!

Kingston likes it too. Mostly he likes to carry the small bottle around the room and drop it repeatedly on the floor. But he sure looks cute doing it!

The winners? My only 2 participants, of course. Missy. Thanks for playing, Missy! And Mom. Thanks for playing, too. My 2 participants! They will both get 2 coupons for all small and mighty 3x concentrate! Missy, email me your address. I think I have it, but just in case. Mom, I know where you live.

And since no one got the 2 locations correct, I will go ahead and tell you that we were at the Marina in Wanchese for lunch (Still don't really know the official name of that joint. Anyone?) and the sound beach behind Jockey's Ridge. Close guesses, but no one got them both right. You are all winners in my book! Get it? all? Anywho. . .


Rendy said...

Yipe! I love winning stuff! I use All you know so it all works out just fine. Now I just have to be at home to collect my prize. I was just a little south of the real location but at least I knew that it was on the sound side. About the bathtub....good life lesson for you think he got it?

Lee said...

The sound beach--of course! I wouldn't have guessed right.

Eden said...

That is the official name ;) You know they don't even have a sign out front...isn't that great? I love it.