Monday, June 22, 2009

Where Are We? That's all I Want to Know!

Where are we in this picture?

This is what the rest of the room looks like. Where are we?

And where are we here?


Not that it really matters. We were having fun at all of the above. That's what matters, right? A good time? Of course!

A few hints. This morning was spent with Eden and Little Miss. The pictures were taken after we visited Eden's new horse, Storm. (And just in case you were wondering, Kingston still isn't a horse's biggest fan.) This afternoon (after only a 30 minute nap) was spent mostly just with Kingston-and about 50-60 strangers-and later with my VERY pregnant friend Michelle and her little boy Riley.

A special prize to the first person who can guess both locations correctly. For real. A special prize. I'm not kidding. Guess both locations exactly and I will send you something for free. free and clear. No strings attached. all 2 of the locations. all of them. Give it a good, clean shot.
And then I will blog about it. Because that's what I do. Sometimes. When I'm motivated. But mostly when I should be doing something a lot more productive.

That's all for now. Sufficiently confused? I thought so. Me, too.


Rendy said...

Is it the marina in Cheese-Town? That's my guess! Cute boy on the beach by the way.

Rendy said...

OOPS! I forgot to mention the second spot....the Ole Swimming Hole by the Aquarium? Right?

Melissa said...

I know the first location very well. The second? Could be almost anywhere ;) Looks like your Mamma had a couple of good guesses!

Kingston's Mom said...

Partially correct so far. I'll hint and say that the beach is somewhere in Nags Head. . .

Rendy said...

Yesterday about 5:45 I posted my second attempt at the second part...guess even the computer knew it was wrong. I'll try again about the beach area around The Villas? Is that it?