Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And We're Home!

From Wilmington. We didn't end up going down to Charleston due to good old tropical storm Fay. Missy, we hope you are OK down there in the Florida!

We will show you our trip in pictures.

First, since Uncle Sam's floors were tile and he had not a single rug in his bachelor pad, Kingston spent a lot of time on the leather couches. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that drool makes leather super soft (yeah, right) so Kingston did his best to improve the softess of them. (Sorry Uncle Sam!)

While Dad was in Surf City Surf Shop, Kingston thought he would take care of some other business in the truck. I'm not sure, but I don't think anyone could turn this kid down! This caption should read, "Don't you want to buy like a million fins?"

We did finally meet up with Kimmi and Luna at the beach. Luna is 4 days older than Kingston and about 4 pounds heavier! And that's a lot in baby weight! They were so cute playing together. It was good to catch up with Kimmi even if it was only for about 45 minutes. Gone are the days of endless hours of gossip on the beach! That goes out the window when you have babies that need naps and bottles and a little less sand!

This caption should read, "Does my butt look big in this diaper?" "No but your legs do!" Luna was a chunker!

And finally, Kingston is like his mom in that he loves a good snack while he is travelling! He loves Club crackers. He will eat a saltine, but a Club cracker is the ticket.
We had a really good trip. It sort of felt like a vacation even thought it was work for Nigel. (And I booked 2 caterings while I was gone!) It was nice to stay at Sam's house instead of lugging our stuff in and out of a hotel room. For some reason we always seem to get rooms on the next to the top floor. That's not so cool when you have 1/2 a ton of baby gear!
Nigel and Kingston behaved on the car ride and I almost read a whole book. We will be traveling together again soon!


Arnold said...

I love the pictures and the notes about your trip! I'm sure Uncle Sam would love to have your family back any time. I'm glad you are back home safely.
Love, Mom/Nana

Melissa said...

Thanks! We're good. Areas around us have been flooded though.

Glad you guys had a good time.

Love the pictures of Kingston! :)