Saturday, August 23, 2008

Preppy Pastel Party

We just got home from a party. It was a 30th birthday party and the theme was Nantucket/Preppy/Pastels. We had to do some shopping to come up with our "costumes" since there is not a whole lot of preppy stuff in the Haynes household! I sort of strayed from the theme and went with whatever would fit. I had to go out and buy Nigel an Izod polo shirt from Belk. Kingston had a hand-me-down outfit from Sarah's little boy, Tyler, that was perfect. It was an argyle sweater vest and plaid pants. He wore his skull and crossbone leather shoes that matched. He was so stinking cute in his outfit. His paci even matched!

The party was pretty fun. It was outside at a beautiful house on the sound in Nags Head. The weather was perfect and there was yummy food. I could have eaten all of the sweet potato biscuits with country ham but people were starting to stare so I limited it to 5. We left about 9 because Kingston's little bobblehead was rolling around. The final straw was when he had his hand in a cup of icewater for about 2 minutes while his eyes were nearly closed and he didn't even seem to notice the frozen fingers.

Fun family outting. . . even if we did have to be preps for the evening. At least we got some cute pictures out of the deal! My men look good as preps. . . but I'm glad they don't dress like that all the time!

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