Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Post-Worthy Day!

We had a fun Saturday! Nigel and I had haircuts in Manteo this morning (Nigel having a haircut appointment is a whole other post! Insert giggles here!) and then Kingston and I went to visit Nana and Grandpa on their boat.

Kingston played with "toys" that Nana found for him. We spent the day mostly inside the boat since it was really hot and humid outside but we did take a few strolls around downtown. Kingston is having a late summer cold of sorts. Note the super snotty nose and the glassy eyes. Poor little man.

The playground is super fun. . . for older kids. Kingston will enjoy it next year. Looking forward to that.
After our day on the boat we went to Aunt Freda's house to meet the cousins. Or my cousin's kids, whatever that would make them to Kingston and me. 2nd cousins? I don't know. Lauren really loved playing with Kingston. She was so sweet to him. She is Dave's middle girl. So pretty and really smart. The other 2 girls checked him out from a distance while they finished making their beautiful art projects! Kingston maintained really well considering he was snotty and had fallen asleep in the car on the 2 minute ride to Aunt Freda's from the waterfront. We only visited for a few minutes because Kingston was about to turn into a pumpkin! It was so good to see Dave, his new fiance and his 3 girls. I see them every 8-10 years!!

We had a really good day with the family. Definitely a day worth posting about. Thanks for taking pictures, Nana. It's good to have a camera-happy Nana around. Oh, and to top it all off, East Carolina beat Virginia Tech today in one of the first games of the college football season. Hooray! (Sorry, Lee and other Tech folks!) Way to go Pirates and anyone else who beats Tech!

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Rendy said...

Grandpa and I loved having you two visit us on the boat! Hope Kingston is feeling much better soon and make plans to visit us again.....we'll be "vacationing" on the Manteo waterfront every weekend in September.
Love, Mom/Nana