Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bold Statements

I am going to make a few bold claims. I am going to make predictions about Kingston that are based on nothing more than what I think is going to happen to him or what he is going to be like. I think that I will look back on my list and see a few things that never happened, but a lot of things that were spot-on!
  1. Kingston is going to like the beach/water. This one is pretty much a given. If he doesn't, he will be the odd man out in the family and will spend a lot of time with a babysitter!! And that leads me to. . .
  2. Kingston will be a surfer. Nigel and I dream of him becoming a professional surfer and making a ton of money so that we can travel with him (because we will have retired early)! That would be the coolest but don't worry. We don't really focus on that idea. We just think it would be cool! Just a healthy love of the sport will be enough.
  3. He will not be a picky eater. This one could come back to get me, but I said I was going to make some bold claims. My goal is to introduce all kinds of foods to him and encourage him to at least try something before claiming he doesn't like it-even if it is something I don't like. He will be able to eat at any restaurant or at anyone's dinner table. So far he likes a lot of things.
  4. He will be mechanically inclined and interested in how things work. I can already see him tip things over just to see what's happening on the other side. He looks at buttons and seams and details as if he is trying to figure them out. This he would come by pretty naturally since Grandpa Winston and Uncle Mark both have this gift.
  5. Kingston is going to be artistic. Talented artists are prevalent on both sides of the family. My Uncle Tom was a very talented artist in a variety of mediums. My Nana was a gifted seamstress. Nigel's grandmother, Jeanie, used to draw pattern covers for Vogue. His aunt Maryanne is a great artist as well.
  6. There has been a bit of speculation that Kingston will be left-handed. The pediatrician said you can't really tell until they are much older but Kingston does often seem to prefer to use his left side. A few weeks ago I thought for sure he would be a south paw but now that he is really using his hands for more things, I think I see him use his right hand just as much or more than the left. Should be an interesting one to watch develop.
  7. Kingston will be athletic. Nigel was a very good athlete. I could pretty much not do any sport that required hand-eye coordination but am fairly athletic in other ways! The grandfathers on both sides played sports in their younger years and are both in really good shape now.
  8. Kingston will skip crawling altogether and will go straight to walking. I don't know why I think this. I just do.
  9. Kingston will be a very cute little boy and an very handsome man. I mean, have you seen his father?!
  10. Kingston will be the light of our lives for years and years.

A few big claims. A few random thoughts. We'll see how this all plays out. The kid is only 7 3/4 months old! What do I know?

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