Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wonder Why?

I wonder why Kingston decided to wake up nearly every hour throughout the night last night? Well, I am actually not sure he was awake most of the times he was crying out. Regardless, Nigel and I got very little sleep last night! I am SO thankful that Kingston is typically a really good sleeper. If I had been sleeping like that for the last 7 months and some change, I would be miserable!

His cries seemed to be cries of discomfort or pain. I think it has something to do with the 2ND TOOTH that he is farming!!! Yep. His 2nd front lower tooth has just barely broken through. He is going to be so cute with his 2 little snaggle teeth in the front! I will post a picture when the tooth is ripe and ready for picking.

I also wonder why there is drama on the blog that I sent you to a few weeks ago. Aparently the girl, Pepe, who seemed to be stuggling with a lung transplant may not really be real at all. I'm not exactly sure what is going on but one day the blog simply said that they were done posting. Next thing I know there is speculation on another blog that the whole thing was fake. Hmmmm. I don't know. And now you can't even get on Pepe's blog anymore without a password. So I guess I'm sorry for sending you there, if you ever even listen to my suggestions in the first place!

You never know about these crazy bloggers. They are a fairly new species and we have yet to really get them figured out! And on that note, check out Lee, who is a blogger, a friend, and is getting married in November!! Welcome to my ramblings, Lee. I hope I keep you entertained and wondering about such silly stuff as the things above!!

For now, Kingston is napping, Nigel is napping, and I am left wondering why Moms never really get the chance to nap. I cleaned the kitchen, the laundry is going, I have a blog to update. . . A blogging Mom's work is never done!!


'Mrs. B' said...

Mom's never do get to nap, do they? I get SO angry when my mother-in-law calls and assumes that because I didn't answer- I'm napping! Trust me...that's not why!!!! Haha ;)

We'll be in town for a few days next week- do you have plans on Thursday?

Arnold said...

Can't wait to see the new tooth! Hope there is more seep for everyone tonight.