Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Raleigh-In Pictures-With Captions

Pictures. In no apparent order. I have been working on downloading and getting pictures from Nana for the last hour. I'm over it! For now, here are just the pictures. Hopefully tomorrow I will get around to labeling/describing them.

Enjoy! We sure did.

Splashing at the awesome pool in Mere's neighborhood. So fun!

A bubble bath with Thomas the Tank Engine bubbles? It really gets no better than that.

A picnic of sorts while the rain slowed down a bit.

Let's hold hands and walk. Sam was a little more into Kingston than Kingston was into Sam. Sam is nearly a year older and into holding hands and hugging. Kingston-not so much!

My little fish! He was kicking and paddling like he had been doing it for years!

Look, no hands!

Playing in the drain water. Good thing he had those swimmies on!

Fancy new cup from Starbucks. No, there is not coffee in it!

Swimming at the hotel pool. Nana helped him jump off the side and a lady thought she had thrown him in. Little did she know that the kid loves to be thrown in!

Where did that other kid go? I don't know!

Blowing off a little steam in the hotel room.

Kingston and Sam in their matching jammies. Looks like Sam is trying to strangle Kingston. Don't worry. It was all in good fun!

And the traditional Sam/Kingston bath. One day they will hate us for these. . .


Rendy said...

Guess I overloaded you with pictures from the weekend! You know what a hard time I have weeding out pictures when they are all so good. Next time I promise to edit first. It was a perfect weekend and I loved every minute!

Eden said...

Your mom's comments always make me miss my mom. :) Ya'll are so cute!

Lauren said...

Cute, Lor!! Can't wait to see you and the little guy in person!