Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back on Track. . . Maybe

Kingston only woke up once last night at about 2. Then he slept until 7:20. Yippee! I can handle that.

This morning we are going to visit one of my oldest and favorite friends, Evie, and her 2 girls. They are here for a few weeks and haven't met Kingston yet. I can't wait to show him off! He sure is sweet! More on that later.

Nigel comes home from Wilmington today. We are excited about that! We will probably try a little rice cereal this afternoon and see how that goes. I think Kingston is ready for something new-and maybe it will help get him back on those all-nighters! More on that later, too!

Why did I even post this morning if I am just going to write about it all again tonight? Clearly I'm just as obsessed with writing as I am reading other people's blogs. I had to keep myself from posting a bunch of random things yesterday!

We're back on track. At least for now.

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