Monday, April 21, 2008

Core 4 + Kiddies!

Kingston and I just got back from a trip to the ATL! We had the most fun with our friends, new and old. Here was the line-up: The Core 4-Lauren (Lars), Julie (Ball), Meredith (Mere), and me. The Kiddies-McLain (5 weeks), Abbey (nearly 2 years), Sam (nearly 1 1/2 years), Kingston (4 months), respectively. The first picture was Mere, Ball and I on a Saturday morning stroll with the kiddies. The second picture is Abbey giving Kingston a kiss. So sweet! The last picture is the jewel. I bought coordinating outfits for all the kids so that we could get a cute picture of all of them together. Lars forgot to put McLain in hers, Abbey had stayed in her crib for 3 hours in the afternoon and NEVER went to sleep so she was cranky, Sam just was recovering from being pushed down by Abbey and Kingston was just chilling!!! This picture was the best of them all. Hilarious. Should have known better!

It was the first time we have gotten together with all of our kids. Crazy that we all have kids in the first place, and crazy that we attempted to get them all together! It actually went better than first expected. 2 toddlers and 2 infants. Next time we will get together without the kids! I don't even think we talked about anything but naps, kids' meals and all things baby but that was OK. I had a great time. I love my college friends. The Core 4 lives on!

It was our first airport/airplane experience. Kingston did great! When we boarded the plane, Kingston smiled at all of the flight attendants and passengers as we walked the aisle. When we got off the plane, we heard comments like, "Wow, I didn't even know there was a baby sitting in front of us! He was so quiet!" I was so proud!

People were so nice to me as I travelled by myself with a baby. Kingston rode in his stroller through the airport and we gate-checked it when we boarded. People offered to help me carry the stroller up the stairs when we landed and unloaded on the tarmac and had to walk outside and upstairs to get to the gate. People carried my diaper bag off the plane while I carried Kingston. People held elevators and grabbed my bag off the baggage carousel. We got lots of cute baby comments and brought smiles to lots of faces. Just when you think our country is getting so selfish and self-absorbed. . .

All in all we had a very successful trip. Where to next?

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brooke mayo said...

look at all of kingston's friends!! they are soo cute!!!