Saturday, April 26, 2008

Naked Baby

Today was really warm. Scratch that. It was hot. Let the summer begin! My new favorite thing. . . a naked baby. Well, not exactly naked, because he is wearing his diaper for obvious reasons. But Kingston wearing nothing but a diaper is a sight to see! He is the sweetest looking baby you have ever seen! He has these cute chubby thighs and marshmallow knees.

We went for a walk with Nana today and maybe got a little too much sun. Kingston's cheeks are pretty pink. It's time to invest in the baby sunscreen. I didn't really think about the sun being a factor on a walk around the neighborhood but now I know. I'm going to lather him up as best I can. You know, global warming and ozone and all that stuff.

When it starts to warm up the Haynes household usually tries to enjoy the fresh air in the house as much as possible. Nigel likes to leave the windows open until I can't stand it anymore. Well, that happened early this year, as I have already turned on the AC. I cannot stand the thought of my baby sweating to death because Dad wants to see how long we can go! When it reached 81 in our house at 7:30 tonight, I went around and closed the windows and turned on the AC.

I hope it's not too cool in here for a naked baby!

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