Monday, August 18, 2008

Such a Good Traveler!

We made it to Wilmington! We are staying with our friend, Sam. Nigel went to visit an account and Kingston and I visited with Sam when he got home from work. We didn't leave for dinner until 8:00. Yep. 8. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, "Wait! Kingston's bedtime is 8:00." And you would be correct. We went to K 38 and had an awesome Mexican meal. (That place is awesome!) Kingston was SO tired but he maintained so well. By the end of the meal he had black beans and avocado smeared all over his face and in his eyes. Pick up avocado in fist, try to get it in mouth, end up dropping it, rub eyes with green hands. Repeat.

While we were eating I saw a table being set for a party of 5 people. One girl came in and sat down and said she was waiting for her friends who were at the bar. I started thinking that there was a good chance that I would recognize or know someone in the restaurant since I know so many people who live in Wilmington or go to school here. And wouldn't you know it! In walks Max Vaughn. He is the son of Jim and April Vaughn of Whalebone Surf Shop and I have known him for years. It was so good to see him and we chatted for a minute. Funny how sometimes you can think about something and then it happens. Wonder who we will run into tomorrow. . .

And I called Kimmi twice today and haven't heard back from here. Ummm. . . hopefully she will call me in the morning. Crazy girl.

I'll keep you posted on our travels and adventures tomorrow. For now, I think I might join Kingston. It's past my bed time too!

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Rendy said...

What a perfect little man! I know that Sam loved having your family with him......Uncle Sam that is. Have a great trip and a save return home.
Love, Mom/Nana