Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Kingston slept until about 3:30 a.m. at which time he woke up and started singing and talking and playing. Nigel and I agreed that at least he sounded happy and not miserable! So we let him play. For over an hour. I finally went in there and patted his back and held his hand until he drifted off again. And he slept until his usual 7:30. Not bad.

When I was attempting to get him to open up to brush his teeth this morning he started wailing. During one of his open-mouth wails I noticed a spot in the upper left side that looked a little suspicious. After a much needed breath, Kingston opened up again for a big one and I got my finger in there long enough to feel the gigantic molar tooth that is starting to poke through his gum.

Aha! Problem solved! Well, at least problem identified. I gave him some Tylenol and now we are eating breakfast. The cereal/yogurt/craisin combo must feel good to the sore gums. No wonder he has been eating us out of house and home. How else can you scratch your itchy gums?! Let's hope that baby pops on through and leaves us alone!

And let's look on the bright side. Now Kingston will be able to really get to chomp on those fish sticks and fritos at Ms. Cindy's!


Lauren said...

Poor Kingston. At least he slept! McLain went to the doc yesterday and has her first ear infection. Not fun either. It's hard to be a toddler...are they considered toddlers???


Fantastic! Congrats little Chopper! Hope you enjoy chewy chomping those fish sticks now!!! Callie is in a drool a river stage with a combined miserable sounding ooooooohhhhhhhhh ending with her blowing a strawberry (why are they called that anyway?) Oh , and she gives herself hickies on her you think she is teething?