Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm a Slacker!

Forgive me Bloggers, for I have sinned. It has been nearly a week since my last post. I really have no excuse. Well, that's not true. I always have an excuse! Let's see. . . Well first of all, I was reading a really exciting book earlier in the week so any and all of my free time was spent reading. Don't get excited-it wasn't anything that you even would want to know about and I honestly can't even remember the title of the book. I like to read all sorts of books. The favorites that circulate around High Cotton are usually crime/suspense books. That is the sort that I was reading and I got a little too into it! I waited tables 3 full days this week and was tired after I got home, made dinner and put Kingston to bed. That's excuse #2. To round things out, I really wasn't ready to post about how bummed I am about Kingston's transition to daycare. I think I'm ready now.

Tuesday was a good day at Ms. Cindy's for Kingston. He ate, he napped, he played pretty good. Thursday was not the best. He had a good morning but then only took a 35 minute nap and was a mess the rest of the afternoon. Today he needed a small nap this morning (about 30 minutes) because he was super fussy and then slept for an hour this afternoon. He seemed to have a pretty good day except for the fact that Kingston would pitch a fit every time Ms. Cindy would try to touch another kid while she was holding him. When I went to pick him up he was in her lap and another of the little boys came up and hugged me. Kingston immediately started screaming. He didn't like it! What in the world would make him that jealous? It is crazy and I don't like it. Any ideas on how to make that stop? I know he never really has to share my attention with another child but how did he learn that he doesn't like it? Silliness.

Daycare has been working out as good as it can, I guess. I'm a little disappointed that Kingston hasn't adjusted a little better. I know he has only been going to a few weeks but I don't like to worry every time he goes that he is going to have a bad day and make Ms. Cindy's day bad, too. I really just wanted him to slip right into the new routine and be no worse for the wear but it's been a bit tricky. Life at home is different, too. Kingston is even more clingy than usual and no one but me (and Nana) can make him happy. It is a bit frustrating and I hope this phase passes soon.

Next weekend should be interesting. I will be leaving for New York City on Thursday morning and won't be home until Sunday evening. Nigel and Nana are in charge and I hope they survive! Kingston will be going to daycare as usual on Thursday and Friday because I don't think we need to disrupt the current schedule and then will probably spend Friday night and Saturday with Nana and Grandpa. Wish them luck!

I hope tomorrow Kingston and I have a good day together. And I hope he will share me with some other people!


5littleones said...

Poor Kingston!
I hope that he feels more comfortable at daycare soon.

Lee said...

It sounds like he's going through the same experience that he would go through if he had a new sibling--and you didn't even have to have another baby! Seriously though, I'm sorry you're worrying. I really do think it is a good experience for him and he'll adjust in time. I know that doesn't make it any easier for everybody in the meantime.