Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Molar Update

They are still there. Glistening white when he cries. Which is often. He had a fever all day today and was pretty much a mess. We are hoping for a better day tomorrow. Kingston will be at Ms. Cindy's and I will be serving BBQ to construction workers and office employees who's lips are dry and cracked due to the lack of pork grease in their diets while High Cotton has been closed.

Anyone have any molar teething remedies? He is pretty much on an every 4 hour Tylenol routine. What else works?

Wish us all luck tomorrow. We ALL need it.


'Mrs. B' said...

Try giving him some frozen fruit to chew on. That really helped Riya!

Feel better, buddy!!

Rendy said...

What about ambesol or ora-gel or something like that? It just numbs the gum area and would feel good. Try this link for some other suggestions: Hope tomorrow is a better day for Kingston!

Melissa said...

That explains my chapped lips!

Feel better, Kingston!

Lee said...

Poor Kingston. I hope he feels much better today. I'm sure opening day will go well!


MMMM, just give him a big ole slab of fatback and let him gnaw on that a bit. His teeth will break through in no time! Worked for Sadie anyway! Maybe I have more to learn about kids!! Poor Callie.