Monday, March 16, 2009

And Lift, And Stretch

Why do kids prefer to play with things that aren't really toys? I'm sure Uncle Mark really appreciated the sounds this particular workout was creating in his home directly below ours.

And one, and two and lift and stretch! Whew!

And then there's this picture. Does he look like a teenager texting, or what? Disregard the fact that he is in the dog's pen (which actually makes this picture even more entertaining) and picture him in his bedroom in about 13 years. Yikes! Anyone know a good boarding school? ;)

Another rainy, dreary day. We went to High Cotton for Kingston to run around the dining room a bit this morning just to get out of the house. Man, we are ready for some more of that good, warm weather.


Rendy said...

I love these pictures! The last one is certainly a classic. About the boarding to me about that later. We might find another plan! The sun will be out soon, we all hope.

Eden said...

Let's get together Wednesday? Are you free?

I'll have Riya text Kingston and ask him...;)