Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Promised

I promised pictures from the lighting of the tree and the Christmas parade and I refuse to disappoint. Here they are! And as a pleasant surprise, there are a few of Kingston putting some ornaments on our own little Christmas tree that we picked out today. It is up and decorated and is super cute.

Friday night it was REALLY cold so we had to bundle up when we went to the tree lighting. So much so that I couldn't break out the camera but once to grab this quick shot (or at least that's my excuse!). Here is Kingston as we walked to meet up with Nana and Grandpa. Kingston had on 20 layers of clothing as well as a blanket over his lap. He was fine except for hating his hat. The boy HATES a hat.

Saturday we had a fun day with Nana and Grandpa. We watched the parade, tried again to get our picture taken with Santa which was disastrous a really good time, and played on the boat. To prove that we went to the parade, cruise on over to Eden's blog and look for us in the background of a few of her pictures. Grandpa had on an orange hat, Nana was wearing a purple-ish coat and was holding Kingston and I had on a red fleece. You can see us in the background of some of the horse pictures that Eden took. We were directly across the street from her and she didn't even know it! I only managed to break out the camera when we got on the boat.

When we got home we were excited to find an early birthday present for Kingston on our deck. Nigel's Godfather, Doug, made Kingston an Adirondack chair! It is the perfect size and Kingston loves it! He can even get in and out of it all by himself. Thanks, Great Godfather Doug! What a treasure.

Kingston wanted to take the ornaments off of our tree more than he wanted to put them on. Tomorrow it will be interesting to see how many times I have to tear him away from the tree. I can foresee some temper tantrums coming in our near future!

This week we have play dates, play groups, shopping adventures and a few other things that I can't remember off the top of my head. Should be fun!

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Lee said...

The Kingston-sized adirondack chair is adorable!