Saturday, December 20, 2008

Without Further Ado. . .

We had a great day with the Birthday Boy! Kingston spent last night at Nana and Grandpa's while Nigel and I went to a Christmas party and got things ready for the big party this morning. Here are the details:

  • The birthday bash started at 11:30

  • The invitations and cake were decorated like Sandra Boynton animals, Kingston's favorites! I had fun making and decorating the cake. I cracked myself up with my likenesses!

  • The guest list: Nana and Grandpa, Pappy and Ms. Brandi, Grandma, Uncle Mark, The Breiholz and the Thorps. Mr. Pete stopped by and dropped off a gift on his way to work.

  • The menu: burgers and dogs, onion rings, deviled eggs, baked beans. Nothing green. Oops.

We had tons of fun playing with the kids and eating lots of food. We waited until the guests left to open the presents (as those of you with really young kids can understand!). Our first kid's birthday party was a success, I think. We kept it pretty easy and low key this year and that worked out great.

Kingston got a bunch of really fun toys! His little corner of the living room is beginning to spread out into the middle of the floor. Not sure how we are going to contain the toy chaos. I guess we will just step around stuff for the next 4 years or so! I'm really glad we decided to keep our toy purchases to a minimum. He got plenty of plastic, don't you worry!

The truck Pete gave him already overturned and whacked him in the face. The red spot on his cheek had gone away before he went to bed. No blood, no foul.

Pappy made him a skateboard. Made him a skateboard. Yes, he made the skateboard. Nigel plans to ride it tomorrow. We will put it aside until Kingston is old enough to ride it. It is a real treasure. It seems we have lots of talented friends/family. Pappy made the skateboard, Great-Godfather Doug made the adirondack chair, and special family friend, Crawford, made him a rocking horse (Grandpa is staining/painting it. I'll post pictures of that treasure when it is complete. Gorgeous.).

Some party guests took pictures and I will share them when I get them. I never picked up the camera during the whole party!

I can't believe Kingston is 1 year old. About this time last year we were still at the hospital, trying to figure out what in the heck to do with our sweet little bundle of joy! See this precious little nugget? Can you believe it?

Thanks to all of you who have played a special role in our lives this year. It has been the most amazing year of our lives. We are so very blessed to have such great support from our friends and family. My son is lucky to have so many people looking after him.

And to Kingston, who will one day read these posts I have written about him, I love you more than you could ever imagine. I know I won't be smart or cool until you are at least 25, I do love you and I'm proud of you each and every day. Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

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