Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stellan Trouble

Prayer request again. Should I just change this to a prayer chain or something? I thought we were just supposed to be talking about fun and holiday-like stuff this time of year.

MckMama has posted (well, a friend has posted for her since she is at the hospital with Stellan) that sweet little baby Stellan is either having a really really bad cold or is having those heart issues feared before he was born. His heart rate is doing funny things and he is having trouble breathing. Go check her out and get updates.

Man, I'm lucky to have a healthy little boy who is unpacking all of the new camping gear from the box that I just put it all in last night. I'm lucky to have a little boy who woke up muliple times last night for no apparent reason and would totally freak out if I left the room. I am so lucky to have a little boy who went with me to a baby shower yesterday and was the oldest boy there (by 4 months) and showed off for all of the ladies. I'm lucky he was dancing, signing "dog" at the right time, waving, reaching for other people to hold him and stealing snacks from the other little boy and eating everything in sight. He is happy and healthy and I'm very lucky. Well, blessed, really.

Pray for Stellan. I can't imagine having to go through that.

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Rendy said...

Brad preached at church this morning about the "left-over things of Christmas." They are the kind thoughts, the good wishes, the prayers for others that we say and do during Christmas. We should keep those left-overs going all year.....for Stellan and for Sam and for ourselves and for many other nameless people. Your prayer reminders help many. You are a blessing too!