Friday, December 5, 2008

Jolly Old Soul? I'm Not Buying It!

We went to see Santa this morning at the Festival of Trees. I think the picture tells the story. . .

But on a lighter note, the Mommy & Me Christmas tree turned out great! The homemade ornaments were so cute and the birdies were adorable.

Check out all of the loot that was donated to our organization!

The trees will be auctioned off on Saturday night and we think our tree will go for the highest bid!! I mean, I'd love to win it. You know, if I had a few extra thousand dollars to spend. Our tree last year went for nearly $2,000 and this year the loot that comes with our tree totals close to $5,000! I'll let you know the final bid. The money goes to a great local charity.

Stay tuned for our evening in Manteo at the tree lighting, maybe a recipe for what I plan to make for dinner (you know, if it turns out to be tasty), and various other stuff that is fairly unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

1 comment:

Rendy said...

Kingston does not look too thrilled with the jolly ole soul! Next year..
....maybe next year. The tree looks beautiful! I know that it will be a really money maker for the festival! Glad you joined us for the Manteo festivities tonight. Brrr it was cold but everyone seems to enjoy it.