Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Sorry I Judged

OK. Ever been in a parking lot or a store and seen a mom shove her kid into a cart or grouchily tell them not to touch anything all the while ignoring the sweet little innocent cute smiles the kid is throwing out? And have you ever thought "Oh, poor little kid. That mom is being so mean to that innocent little child." Yeah. I've done it.

And I've been that mom, too. Today. At Food Lion. And I will now say, do not judge that mom. You don't know what has been happening up until that moment that you see them. Maybe the cute little kid REFUSED TO TAKE AN AFTERNOON NAP FOR THE 3RD DAY IN A ROW! Maybe the kid was really sleepy and was all but asleep in the crib before becoming fully awake and SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER FOR NO APPARENT REASON! And maybe that mom had to get something for dinner and was planning to go to the grocery store WHILE THE BABY WAS NAPPING BUT THE NAP NEVER HAPPENED! Maybe. Just maybe. You never know.

Whew. I'm glad I got that off my chest.
On a very serious note, I need a few prayer, please. Remember my friend Kimmi and her little girl, Luna, who we hung out with in Wilmington this summer? Well, Kimmi's brother and his wife just had a baby, Josiah, and they have discovered that the baby has Cystic Fibrosis. They are expected to learn the severity of the disease in the next few hours. Kimmi texted me the news and promised to be in touch with updates as she learns them.

I feel very familiar with CF after following Nathan's blog as he taught us all so much about the disease. I sent the link to his blog to Kimmi and hope that she shares it with her brother. Oh, the power of blogs!! I hope this little baby receives the prayers she deserves through this blog post.

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Melissa said...

The new look, looks great!

Kimmi's family will be in our prayers.

Fingers crossed that Kingston will take a nap this afternoon ;)