Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Fun!

It was a gorgeous day on the Outer Banks today. It started off a little cloudy and rainy but by mid-day, it was perfect. Nigel went surfing down South so Kingston and I spent the morning together. We went to the grocery store and took naps. I opened some windows in the house and when Kingston and I found ourselves in his room post diaper change, I realized that he was reaching up for the window and just gazing out at the trees. Immediately I knew what I had to do. Get that boy outside!! I put on my shoes, we got the wagon out of the van, and we went for a stroll up and down our road until Dad came home.

After Kingston had an afternoon nap, Nigel got the bikes out of the shed. I had put together Kingston's bike seat yesterday to get us prepared for the next sunny day. We put Kingston in the big box that the seat came in. (Yes, for some reason I seem to be obsessed with putting him in boxes!)
Of course he was cute as can be peaking out of the box! He found the handle slot and played peek-a-boo for a bit.
Then when Nigel snuck up on him he went in for the kill!

So back to today. . . We decided to take a ride over to Pappy's house, about a mile away. We were nervous that Kingston would freak over the helmet so we put him in the seat first, then strapped on the helmet. I think he was so interested in the seat that he forgot about the giant ball on his noggin! He didn't mind a bit. So off we went. I couldn't stop staring at the cute little fella! He was having so much fun.

The bike ride was a huge success. I can't wait for more beautiful days when we can ride all around town. We have lots of fun friends close by in our neighborhood that I can't wait to visit by bike. Look out neighbors, here we come!

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Rendy said...

Yeah! I'm so glad the helmet fits and the seat works and the Haynes family is ready to ride!