Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It's Monday again! I have no excuse for not participating in Not Me Monday, so I'll give it a go this week. I mean, High Cotton is closed for the season (hoooooray!) and we will not be open again until February. That means I have no place that I have to go on Mondays and a few other days in the week. It's a nice feeling. Now I just have to keep myself from spending any money and I'll be just fine. . .

This week I did not:

  • get REALLY frustrated when Kingston woke up in the middle of the night for the 5th night in a row and nearly slam him through the crib mattress when laying him back down. For some reason he has decided to stand up and scream, screech and give me no choice but to go into his room at least once in the night. I think he is having a bit of separation anxiety and realizes that he is all alone. He won't go back to sleep without my hand on his stomach. It's not fun. It doesn't make me annoyed with him. No way. Not at all.

  • forget to buy Able dog food and totally run out last night. I would never neglect my sweet, calm doggy. And we didn't just recently decide to forgo the $30.00 Nutro dog food for the $10.95 bag of Ol' Roy. We are all making sacrifices here, Abe! So I for sure didn't feed him a hot dog and a bun and a few green beans and some potatoes. No way.

  • cave in and finally put cabinet locks on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We were trying to go for the "let's just teach him not to go in the cabinets" routine, but after dealing with 4-5 temper tantrums when we moved him from in front of the cabinet full of heavy, glass baking dishes, some dust and a few mouse turds, we decided it was time. Wonder how many times in the next few days Nigel and I will cuss the cabinet locks?!

  • laugh at Kingston when I told him "no" and he shook his head back at me. You aren't supposed to encourage that behavior so I would never crack up.

  • wipe Kingston's snot on my pants leg on a regular basis. That is just gross.

Is there something that you definitely didn't do this week? Leave me a comment or swing on over to MckMama's blog and check her out.

1 comment:

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Ahh yes, the nights up. Those about kill you. He is cute though!
I always do stuff like laugh at my boys when i am not supposed too. Why are they so cute doing the things they shouldn't!?