Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lunch, Free Stuff and A Fun Surprise

Since so many people have commented and wondered what Kingston eats for lunch, I thought I would finally share that bit of information with everyone. Just kidding. Not only do I mostly get 0-2 comments on most of my posts (thanks, Mom!), but NO ONE has ever asked me what Kingston eats for lunch.

I got Kingston's lunch plate ready for him while he was napping on Monday so that it was ready for him when he got up. It looked photogenic, so I took a quick shot of it. On Monday, Kingston had leftover ham from the Hardy Party, cheddar cheese, grapes, and Veggie Booty. Looks like a lot of food! Even Nigel was amazed at the sheer quantity of food on Kingston's plate.

This is what things looked like after Kingston was "all done!" (Insert baby sign language sign here!)

He ate a lot! So there you have it. For all of you who were wondering. All none of you. Great.


Remember when I said I was signing up for all sorts of free stuff online? Yeah. Well, I had forgotten that I had registered to get a free Fruit Roll-up. When is the last time you ate colored sugar smeared on a piece of plastic Fruit Roll-ups? Their latest ploy to get you to buy the silly, sugary snack is to print stuff on them. Like a happy birthday wish, personalized to your kid. So when I signed up for the free sample, they asked what my kid's name is. I thought we would get a personalized sample.

Unless someone changed Kingston's name to Todd (and then I would have to change my whole blog set-up), they just send out a generic version and hope that you have a kid named Todd.

Don't worry. I ate the Fruit Roll-up before Kingston could even notice that it had some other kid's name on it.

I know I have mentioned several times before how much I love Brooke Mayo and her photography. Well, I love her even more now! Kingston and I went to the mailbox this afternoon (thanks for Kingston's birthday card, Missy!) and found a cute little package addressed to me. I LOVE getting mail, and especially packages.
Here is what was inside:

Man, that Brooke is one special girl. Kingston and I are now the proud owners of a bunch of play date scheduling cards AND a cute case to store them in. The cards have one of the pictures Brooke took on the front with my phone number and email on the back with a space to write in play date information. What a cute idea! Thank you so much Brooke! You're the best!
Tomorrow begins our 3 days of chaos. Lots of stuff going on. I'll try to keep you updated as things go along!


Lee said...

Cool play date cards! That's adorable.

'Mrs. B' said...

I love those cards!! So adorable!