Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today is Kingston's first day at daycare. Wish us luck. We went by to play yesterday afternoon and whenever I got more than 4 feet away he started to cry. Oh, it could be a long day. For Ms. Cindy, for Kingston, and for me! Is it possible to cry yourself to death? No. But it may be possible to be attacked by 3 boys under the age of 4 because you simply will not stop crying. Yikes.

Wish us luck. A few prayers wouldn't hurt either.


Lauren said...

He will have so much fun, Lor!!! How fun to play with new friends all day! And Mama will probably enjoy it too!

Melissa said...

Good luck Kingston! (and mom!)

I'm sure you both will do great :)

'Mrs. B' said...

Good Luck!! We'll be thinking about you guys!!

Lee said...

Good luck Kingston! I think both of you will do just great!