Friday, November 21, 2008

Accident, Snow and Cute Knitted Hats


Kingston had his first semi-major boo-boo this morning. And I mean major only because it left a mark! No blood, no foul, right? Kingston was cruising down the hall pushing Thomas (see previous post) and he somehow got the train turned perpendicular to the "track". He was attempting to either push it sideways, turn it over, or spin it around, I'm not sure which, when all of a sudden his feet slid out and his face hit the train somewhere. After a moment, and I do mean moment, of crying all was well again and there was only a few scrapes and bruises over his right eye.


Owww! It hurt me more than it hurt him, I think.


It snowed this morning for about an hour. It is November and it snowed. Great. It was pretty but it is only November. Snow? Can you tell I'm not thrilled? We took Kingston outside in the snow to try to get a picture for our Christmas card but things didn't exactly turn out so great. The deck was slick and wet and Kingston just wanted to sit down and/or crawl in it. Too cold for that and I didn't feel like changing his clothes again! So we got a few shots, but nothing Christmas card worthy.


And did you notice Kingston's Cute Knitted Hat?:

I broke out the knitting needles and made a few hats. The first one I made according to the modifications of the ladies at the knitting store, Knitting Addiction, to make the hat fit Kingston. When I was done, Nigel tried it on, thinking it was his and it fit him perfectly. Oops. Too big. So I tried again and succeeded in making one to fit Kingston. Now Kingston and Dad have matching hats!


Pretty darn cute hats and pretty darn cute hat wearers, I think.

What a day! And we still have more to go!


Melissa said...

Aw. Poor Kingston! He seems like a tough little fellow though!

My mom called and told me about the snow this morning. Snow. Outer Banks. November. Something is not adding up, and I'm missing out!

Lee said...

Poor Kingston! Ouch! I love the hats--good job! I can't believe it snowed there and it hasn't yet in New York. It is freezing here.