Friday, November 14, 2008

A New Signature and a New Blog Obsession

I started to think that my last signature looked a little like something out of a horror film, so I changed it. I like this one better. I'm so cool.

Also, my friend who co-owns has started her own blog! I like to think I inspired her, what with my super-cool blog and all. I would like to encourage you to check out her blog, M of MG [she is the Midgett (her maiden name, not her size!) of MidgettGray], where she will hopefully clue me in on some fashion do's and don'ts and keep me abreast of the world of fashion and fame in general. That's a tall order, but I feel certain she can do it.

She has added a polling feature to the right side of her blog where she will be asking various questions and looking for input and feedback about some of the items for sale on her site and for many other things. I look forward to seeing how that plays out for her. Maybe I'll poll you about some really important stuff soon!

Anyway, check out her blog and once she gets it rolling, leave her comments and pass it along to anyone else who might be interested. Unlike me, who is blogging just to share my cute son, M is blogging, in part, to promote her business! Maybe if I send a bunch of people her way, she will hook me up with those boots I'm still lusting over. Oh, and the hoodie that I love, too. I'm just saying. . .

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