Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Fortune

Do you believe in the fortunes from fortune cookies? Here I am following mine tonight.

What am I going to share with you, you wonder? Patience. You will soon see.

Nigel and I never get food from the "dirty Chinese" place at the end of our street. My brother, however, eats there quite often. If you know him, you understand this. He also eats an entire large Hot and Ready Little Caesar's (aka Little Sleazers) pizza at least once a week, too. Yikes. But I digress.

Nigel is out of town again so I didn't want to cook dinner. Mark was going to get Chinese so I asked him to get me some too. We didn't have a menu to look at so I just asked him to order the Sesame Chicken Combination. The egg roll is always disgusting and tonight was no different. The fried rice with the pink pieces of "pork" in it was OK once I doused it with soy sauce. The sesame chicken was mostly breader and very little chicken, as expected, but it tasted pretty good. Until. . .

Here is where I follow my fortune. I am sharing my bad fortune with you, my friends.

Please look on top of the piece of broccoli. I found a feather in my sesame chicken. Yeah, you read that right. A feather. Now, I have found feathers on chicken wings or pieces of fried chicken and that doesn't freak me out too bad. But this chicken is diced into tiny bits and covered in breader and fried. I must say that I never expected to find a feather in my sesame chicken. It pretty much grossed me out. Dinner was done.
And now I have fulfilled my fortune. I have shared my bad fortune with you.

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SADIE, GABE and ASHLEY said...

I have heard of a feather in your cap...but in your broccoli cap??? Now thats just gross. What do you think next weeks special will be...House Special tossed with lucky rabbits foot???