Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He's All Boy

And I'm in big trouble!

1. He likes to climb things. He can't even walk, but he can climb up on a chair, climb stairs, attempt to climb up my legs, etc. Please note the charcoal briquets on the right side of the picture. The 2 bags of charcoal briquets. Don't ask why they are there. This picture was taken in the living room. Doesn't everyone keep charcoal in their living room? Yesterday he had climbed on top of the smaller bag, leaned over the bigger bag and was trying to get to the magazines on the chair.

2. He likes to wreck things. Pull the ears off of the bunny in the pop-up book. Tear the pages out of magazines. Leave everything exactly where it falls when he swipes things off of shelves.

3. Hates to have his nose or face wiped.

If that ain't all boy, I don't know what is! Yikes. We might have to try for a girl in a few years, just to try to even things out!

1 comment:

Rendy said...

Speaking of "boy"...don't I see his Dad's remote control skateboard guy in the picture too? All boy....yes and all precious too!