Saturday, November 22, 2008

Small FryDay Contest!

It's been, like, weeks since I've blogged about MckMama and her brood. Stellan is fitting right in and not sleeping a ton, as most newborns do! He is healthy and the family is happy! Hooray!

And to pay us all back for reading and praying and following her blog, MckMama is hosting a contest. I'm not exactly sure of what the big prize will be, but I'm always up for a contest and I DO love to win stuff! So here I am, following the rules (as I almost always do) and I am posting about the Small FryDay Contest! Hello MckMama! We're here, and I'm thinking about approaching you with an arranged marriage offer for Kingston and Small Fry. I think they might get along just fine! So don't be alarmed if I hit you up about that some time soon. (Joking, but Small Fry sure is cute!)

Anyway, thanks for reading and please visit My Charming Kids and see what the busy family is up to now. Wish me luck in the contest!

We are off to a birthday party, a visit with Nana and Grandpa, and various other fun Saturday things.

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