Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hello? Kingston, it's for You

Kingston has a new trick! I will "answer" the phone and pretend it is for him. I put the phone to his ear for a second and then put it in his hand. He tries to put it to his ear like he is listening! It is so cute! See?

Sometimes he talks to Nana, sometimes it is his friends Riley or Curren on the line. Sometimes he gets the surf report from Pappy.


So I haven't posted about Halloween. That's because we did a reverse Halloween and invited the grandparents over to our house for burgers and dogs instead of going to their houses for candy that I would end up eating. Lazy? Maybe. A good idea? Of course. And we even had 3 Trick or Treaters of our very own for the first time ever. (That might have something to do with the fact that we were actually home with the lights on this year instead of turning all of our lights out and hiding at a restaurant until it's over!)

Kingston wore his engineer outfit for the 3rd and last time. He made his entrance on his Thomas train, though, so it was probably the best one yet. After washing the overalls, we will officially retire them to the outgrown clothes box. The pants legs are already too short. Well, at least he wore them 3 times.


We spent lots of time as a family unit this weekend. We went to the park twice, went for a walk, played lots in the house, and watched a movie. One of our highlights was an adventure in the laundry basket. Who knew laundry baskets could make you look so cute?

Check out those teeth!

The weekend has come to a close. Tomorrow is Not Me Monday. Nigel is going out of town AGAIN for work. The time has changed and thrown our schedule off. We have a lot going on this week. Wish us luck!

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Rendy said...

Kingston can call Nana any time! Grandpa and I thought this was the best Halloween ever. What a great idea! Glad you had such a nice family weekend. Those make great memories.