Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Bathroom Sense of Humor

Someone in my family was once told by a teacher that he had a bathroom sense of humor that he should have gotten rid of by the 3rd grade. I'm not going to say who that was, but it wasn't me, my mom or my dad.
Apparently, Kingston is a big fan of the bathroom and I am sure he will end up with that bathroom sense of humor mentioned above. I mean, this episode cracked me up. But then again, I have been known to loose it when watching the bathroom scenes in movies such as Along Came Polly and Dumb and Dumber. (I'm giggle right now just thinking about it!)

Kingston heard Nigel say something to me from inside the bathroom so he went to investigate. He decided to stay a while. While Nigel was still in there. You know, going to the bathroom!

Today Kingston went back in the bathroom (you would think he would be scarred for life but apparently not!) and started playing with a rubber ducky near the door. I checked on him a few times and he was just playing innocently. Then I stopped hearing the ducky squeak as he was slammed against the floor. I walked in and saw this:

Isn't this a typical picture? Who doesn't have a picture of their first born with a puddle of toilet paper at their feet?! And loving every minute of it!

Kingston can stand alone these days! He likes to stand and then plop down on his butt. I think he will be walking by his birthday. He is so close!

He is also getting pretty snuggly, much to my excitement! He puts his sweet little head on my shoulder and as Grandpa said, "I melt." Today he fell asleep. This is how Nigel found us when he got home from surfing:

Kingston was dead asleep for 45 minutes. He would have slept longer but I was loosing feeling in my lower back. Sweet boy. He melts me on a daily basis!


'Mrs. B' said...

Totally giggling at the mention of Along Came Polly...

Riya is the same way- she love to go in the bathroom when her dad is in there & I can't for the life of me understand how she can breath!

Rendy said...

Sweet boy..........even in the bathroom! The snuggling will continue for a long time I hope. I certainly want more of it too!

Melissa said...

This is too funny.

I'm sure Nigel is appreciating the photos and story ;)