Saturday, November 8, 2008

Planet Pleasing Goods

Besides my friends who started the online boutique,, I have another friend who just opened an online store. (Does anyone else know 2 people in their town who have opened online stores in the last 6 months? I think it is sort of strange!)

But I am so excited about my friend Ivy's online store, She is selling fair trade, natural, organic, reusable, recycled goods for your home, family, pets, and garden. I really love the toys for kids. There is something so cool about simple, wooden toys for kids instead of the giant plastic numbers with a ton of lights and annoying sounds! I especially love the Dancing Alligator toy. He wiggles and click clacks when you pull him.
I think Kingston might see one of those for either his birthday or Christmas. But shhhhh! Don't tell him!
I even made a gift registery for Christmas so that I could show certain people (ahem, Nana) what we really like on the site. I try to support local businesses when I can and Ivy said that I could pick up or she would personally deliver any of the items I buy to save me shipping. And saving shipping, in turn, saves tons of gas, which goes along with the whole "green" thing. Check out the site and buy a few things! They seem reasonably priced and unique-the perfect combination. And let me know what you think or if you order something.
We are off to start our busy day. Lee-Lee is getting married today!!!!! Kingston and I will be meeting Nana at the Elizabethan Gardens for the big event. After the wedding we have a birthday party for a little boy in our playgroup, Emerson, who is turning 1 tomorrow.
And having said all that, I gotta get a move on!!! I'll take pictures, don't worry!

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Rendy said...

I saw the hint! Not a problem for Santa. I'll share your friend's site with some other Nana's too. The day with Kingston was so much fun. Thanks!