Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Because He is So Darn Cute

If this post is a little blurry on your screen, it's because Kingston drooled all over the USB cord. Sorry.

What the Ricky Schroder? Slick hair after his bath.
Grandpa wants to put a ride-on train in his back yard for Kingston and him to play on. Then he will really be Ricky Schroder.

Major spaghetti mess at dinner. The shirt came off. There was sauce on his face. In his hair. Between his fingers. What can I say? The kid loves spaghetti.

He is secure enough in his manhood to wear pink socks. I mean, they have skulls on them so they really aren't super girly.

This is Kingston watching Surf's Up! He was cracking up at the penguins. I'll admit, they make me giggle, too.
Kingston had to go the doctor today. Ever sit in a doctor's waiting room and get grossed out by the other patients waiting? Yeah. There was a pasty little girl with ratty red hair who was sucking on her middle and ring fingers with one hand while sticking the pointer finger of her other hand in her belly button and pulling. Snot flying. Coughing. Gives me the heeby-jeebies just thinking about it.
Lucky for us Kingston was just in to get a flu shot. Hopefully the shot took care of whatever he could have gotten from breathing the same air as that little girl! He was such a good boy, only crying for about 10 seconds. I was so proud of him.
We got in and out of there as quickly as possible. Not a big fan of the pediatrician's waiting room. Yuck.

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