Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wanna Cookie? I Didn't Make Them.

Kingston and I were looking for something to do today. Just as I had decided that I would make a grocery list and we would head to the grocery store, Michelle called and invited us over to bake cookies with her and Riley. Perfect! I packed up my cookie gear and we drove the 1/4 mile to Michelle and Kingston's little buddy, Riley's house.

It took Kingston a bit to warm up, as it always seems to do. Once he became detached from my leg he played a bit by himself. That is, until Riley walked over and yanked his paci out of his mouth. Crying ensued. Riley is a much more physical kid than Kingston, even though he is only about 2 weeks older. He has been walking for months, says lots of words and has very developed motor skills. Kingston looks like a lame wimp compared to him!!! (Just kidding. I know all babies develop at different rates.) Every time Riley would go over to him and try to play with the same toy, Kingston would cry and re-attach himself to my leg. All of this made cookie-making pretty difficult! They were cute to watch sometimes, but Michelle and I were constantly putting out baby fires!

We decided on a sugar cookie recipe that we planned to ice and/or roll in colored sugar. We nearly forgot a few key ingredients and only remembered them after looking over the recipe one last time! Let's just say we were a bit distracted. The first batch that went in the oven was a disaster. The bottoms were burnt within minutes! The second batch was better and looked better. Our icing turned out great but we weren't very careful while icing our ugly cookies and they ended up dripping and uneven.

I would normally post a picture of my baking success. Let's just say these were not even worth the effort of taking and uploading the pictures. They were hideous!! I am eating one right now as I type, so that tells you that they are at least semi-edible, but that's about it. I have to make some more cookies for a cookie exchange on Friday and I hope to do MUCH better. Anyone have a fool-proof, good kids cookie exchange recipe?

Oh, and as soon as Riley went down for his nap, Kingston abandoned my leg and went straight for the toys. Apparently he likes to play alone. Or else Riley's physicality intimidates him! We gotta toughen this kid up. Mama ain't raisin' no wuss!

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Lee said...

Riley sounds pretty intimidating to me! No, I'm sure getting along with other kids is a learned behavior, right? And you are doing such a great job by already getting him together with other kids.

You should totally make the jam thumbprints, great idea! They are fun and easy. They're like the ho of Christmas cookies.