Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ahhhh. Much Better Now

The flu bug came and went pretty quickly, thank goodness. But it did put me totally out of commission all day yesterday. Kingston and I were going to try out a new morning playgroup but that didn't happen. Nigel was supposed to leave for Wilmington yesterday for work but that didn't happen. He wins another star in his crown for staying home and taking care of Kingston and me yesterday. It took him about an hour to realize that I really was sick and really did need his help, but once he figured that out, he was off to the grocery store for some saltines and ginger ale. He took care of Kingston all day while I rested. What a guy.

Today Nigel has hit the road and Kingston and I are determined to do something fun. Haven't quite figured out what that fun will be just yet, but we'll figure something out. Maybe we'll go to Wal-mart and get the things he needs for starting daycare on Tuesday. Diapers, wipes, change of clothes. Doesn't that sound like a ton of fun? Well, take my word for it. It's better than the stomach bug.

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Lee said...

Glad you're feeling better!