Tuesday, January 20, 2009

She's Here!

Ella Jennings R---- was born this morning to my great friend Mere! She was 7 lbs. and 20 inches long. According to the text, delivery went great! I am so excited for her and her family and I LOVE the name that they kept secret from us. Ella is a sweet name and Jennings was the middle name of Mere's late father so I think it is so special that they used it. And especially for their little girl. Big H would have eaten this little girl up. I know he would have. He would have loved her big brother Sam to peices but this little girl would have stolen his heart. Well, stolen it again, since Mere took it right away a little over 31 years ago! :)

So congrats, Mere and Stu! Oh, and Sam. Be nice to your new little sister! I can't wait to meet her. Or at least see pictures soon!

Uh-oh. Baby fever has temporarily set in. I must go change a dirty diaper or pay Kingston's health insurance bill or something.


Rendy said...

Yeah Mere!!...and Stu and Sam too. Babies are wonderful blessing whether they are brand new, 1 year old, or 31 years old. Love.........

Lauren said...

What a gorgeous name, right?!! Babies are always so exciting! I can't wait to hear the "story."