Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Camera Raffle!

A few months back I entered a raffle to win a Canon camera (of my dreams). There is another such raffle going on now at another website and I've entered that one, too. And to top it off, the money goes to help a family raise enough money to adopt and bring a little girl home from Korea. The blog is called A Sister for the Bean and it might be added to my list of addictions! Of course, my favorite MckMama sent me there in the first place. Love that blog! So I encourage you to enter the raffle and support this family's quest to adopt a sweet little girl. And if you win, I suggest you give the camera to the author of your favorite blog. That would be me, of course. Thanks.

Snow pictures. Anyone interested?

1 comment:

Rendy said...

I will try for the camera and I WILL give it to you...my favorite blogger. As for the snow pictures well...yes! I want to see them!